The SF Foundation


The SOUTH AFRICAN SPECIAL FORCES HERITAGE FOUNDATION -“SASFHF” -is an NPC with all shares held by the RECCE HERITAGE TRUST. It has been established to protect and preserve the soldiering legacy.

This task includes the holding of physical assets to store and display appropriate history as well as to to hold any trademarks or Intellectual property that could be used for the benefit of the collective.

Current physical assets is in the form of a donated property in Pretoria. The intention is to establish a commercial operation on the property. Within this there is provision for a memorial and private terrain. The project is known as Fort Recce. This is a long-term project that will be completed over the next 5 years.

The Intellectual assets of the Foundation are the Trademarks. The trademark – “RECCE” – and the operators badge has been protected by way of registered trademarks. The use of these trademarks are regulated by Brand Use Agreements. The B.U.A. will set out the rules for use as wells as the specific financial agreements. 

If you wish to partner with the group please contact us and we will take you through the process. It is simple and easy enough.

The Foundation is there to protect the Heritage and they do so with circumspection. If you wish to submit a story, article or photo please send us a mail and we will assist in this process.

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SASFA is bound by its constitution. This guides the executive and members to our code of conduct


SASFA is managed by an elected executive. The current executive will serve until September 2019

sasfa cERT of inc.

The South African Special Forces Association – SASFA – is a formal and professional Non Profit Military Veterans Organization.

The Recces - We Fear Naught but God