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The Executive Committee manages the day to day affairs of the Association. They are responsible for SASFA and ensure that the Forts have adequate capacity and follows the Year Program. They maintain the relationship with the serving structures co-ordinate the three joint events with them.

The current Executive is as follows:
President: D Lamprecht
Chairman: C Roelofse
Vice Chairman: C Giles

They work with the SANDF Serving Structure and the Council for Veterans. The Executive Committee structures the monthly interaction between the members. This is done by internal mail to registered members, messages to Forts and via social media to the public.

Last but not least is the application of support via the benevolence fund. Here SASFA assists people over a wider front. With a large number of ageing members there is a growing need for medical support of the elderly members. If you want to assist the executive in their tasks please feel free to contact us.

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SASFA is bound by its constitution. This guides the executive and members to our code of conduct


SASFA is managed by an elected executive. The current executive will serve until September 2019

sasfa cERT of inc.

The South African Special Forces Association – SASFA – is a formal and professional Non Profit Military Veterans Organization.

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