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We are Soldiers.
If you have ever served in the Special Forces then soldiering is in your blood. We have a humble start. Just 12 men that started as 1 Reconnaissance Commando in 1972. Their caliber was such that it set the tone for the next 45 years. Throughout this period the South African Special Forces have selected and trained soldiers to the highest standard that go about their work in the most professional way. These men are TOP OF CLASS.

With every passing year the soldiers and the organization matured. During the 70’s and 80’s it was the bush war. After that it was the expanded African Arena and the Middle East. In this 45 years the soldiers have conducted themselves with distinction and leave behind a legacy of men among men. The traditions and legacy lives on. As recently as 2013 the Special Forces soldiers again distinguished themselves in Bangui and were awarded medals for gallantry and bravery. We are proud of our soldiers past and present.

The ‘Recces’ as the soldiers are also known, are a special brand of people. The word conjures up images of exploit and daring and of men that always achieve the impossible. Our members are all serving or retired Operators or Support Staff that have served in permanent capacity in one of the South African Special Forces Units. We are all soldiers and comrades. We are brothers in arms no matter in which unit or when we served – we are united.
We are one.


SASFA is bound by its constitution. This guides the executive and members to our code of conduct

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SASFA is managed by an elected executive. The current executive serves until September 2024

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sasfa cERT of inc.

The South African Special Forces Association – SASFA – is a formal and professional Non Profit Military Veterans Organization.

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The SASFA Forts have several ongoing projects during each calendar year.

Some events are continuous, such as our Care Program to support members and families in need.

Others are single events such as parades or our popular Recce Story Nights.

The annual project events are shown in the PDF document linked below:

 SASFA Projects Main Events List 2023 – approved