Selection. The word conjures up extreme emotions and is one of the major bond formers of the Special Forces Soldiers. In the initial years it was more of the longer duration SAS type selection process that lasted between 2 and 4 weeks. By the mid 80’s this had evolved into a shorter selection course with a much more disciplined training cycle.

No matter the actual length – the recipe of the individual selection course is very similar on every course. First you will be prepared to ensure that you have the physically ability and then you will be tested to see if you have the balls to guts it out.

Once the selection course starts it is a war between instructor and student. His job is to ensure no weaklings sneak through that will crack under fire – the recruits job is to hold on.

His job is to expose you to extremes, to deprive you of sleep and food and do add constant extreme physical exercises. His job is to harassed and taunt you – to encourage you to give up. His job is to test how badly you want it and where you are weak. He must work with you for years after this so he is relentless.

Your job is to stay in the moment. That’s all – just stay in the moment. Focus on your mission, shut out the pain, shut out the noise, ignore the fatigue. Look around and understand that it is normal to feel the pain, then allow the adrenalin to do its work. Smile – nobody said it was going to be easy. This is what being Special is all about.



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