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Much of the Operational work done by the soldiers, is never spoken about and definitely not publicly even though there are powerful lessons to be learnt from these experiences. In this SASFA publication produced by the members they present the lessons learnt using food as medium to get the message acrossThat’s why it’s called the Recce Way. The tone of the book is light, full of humour and written in an anecdotal style.  It is sure to put a smile on your face a few times per chapter and teach about what it takes to be TOP OF CLASS.

The book has 9 chapters and covers the selection and qualifying processes, the unit’s history and the entire operational scope of the soldiers. The text supports the visual content and embraces the principle “… a picture is worth a thousand words….” In the pages on selection you can almost feel the pain of the recruits and you can almost feel the hunger of the guys in the survival sector. By the time you are finished you will be very orientated on the basic history of the units, their training, and their work. During the book the following recipes come out consistently:

RECIPES FOR LIFE:Adapt, Endure, Prepare, Excel in adverse conditions but never lose your sense of humour.
RECIPES FOR FOOD:Make do with what you have, improvise and don’t over-complicate the matter
RECIPES FOR LIFE:It’s all about he occasion not the food. Remember the moments and the people you were with.

Volume 1 is a great publication and we encourage you to get your copy and get inspired to go and create those special moments that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Get a copy and a glass of wine and enjoy it with us.



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