The SF Association


SASFA is a members organization for soldiers that served or currently serves in one of the South African Special Forces Units. This service can be as an Operator or as Support Staff. The South African Special Forces Association is a registered non-profit Organization. We follow all the rules, principles and requirements of a voluntary association of persons as prescribed by the Constitution of the R.S.A.

Our constitution defines our objectives and purpose. We reach these objectives through a simple process that COMMUNICATES CONNECTS CARES

We establish a Fort wherever there are fifteen or more members. Each Fort elects a Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Members may join a Fort of their choosing. The Fort Chairman ensures that they are informed about all activities and events. The Fort serves as contact point when members or their spouses experience difficult times. Every member or old colleague now has an active support system.

Serving in the Special Forces of South Africa has always been an achievement and an honour. It is something that lasts a lifetime. As soldiers we learn the value of teamwork and making sure that whoever goes in comes out together. We treasure this experience. In addition we have a passion for excellence. We are brothers in arms no matter in which unit we served or when we served – we are united as brothers in arms.

We are soldiers.

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SASFA is bound by its constitution. This guides the executive and members to our code of conduct


SASFA is managed by an elected executive. The current executive serves from September 2021

sasfa cERT of inc.

The South African Special Forces Association – SASFA – is a formal and professional Non Profit Military Veterans Organization.

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