Fort Recce

fort recce

Whenever the RECCE’s deployed for a period of time they made a base from which to do so. The called these bases forts and some 7 bases existed in the bush war period. Of these the emotional heartland of the soldiers is undoubtedly Fort Doppies in the Caprivi. Others were Fort Foot from where the long walking deployments with Unita were done and Fort Rev in Ondangwa.

As we mature as an Association we are planning our next base. This must last a lifetime and serve as springboard for many generations of soldiers. Towards this we have started a project called FORT RECCE. Our vision is to develop a place in which we as the Top Tier soldiering community of South Africa can combine our skills and experience to formal teaching for high performance. In this way we will assist in providing a route for soldiers to make the transition into the commercial civilian working environment.

By doing this we give a long term window of association for all soldiers – old and new.

One of our members donated the land to make this dream a reality and we are far down in the planning process of the development. The land zoning has been done and authority for development has been granted. Once the commercial planning is complete it will be all systems go.



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