Gaming Challenge

gaming challenge

For Virtual Soldiers needing the ultimate gaming challenge.
COLD WAR -THE FORGOTTEN FRONT is an ARMA 3 mission challenge series that officially started on 01 November 2018.

In COLD WAR – THE FORGOTTEN FRONT we allow you a one of a kind glimpse into the cold war battles in Africa.
It is an unforgiving war theater like no other. Pit your skills against the rest of the world. It’s the Cold War all over again.
To survive the series your planning and teamwork skills will be more important than just pushing buttons.

12 missions -1 Year -Each inspired by true life operations:
a. Bush Operations and Ambushes.
b. Seaborne Reconnaissance and Raids.
c. Airborne Operations and Attacks.
d. Stealth Operations.

We have spent months preparing the terrain and objects for the ultimate in realistic entertainment.

You are invited – Come test yourself.



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