Dear SASFA Members,

In follow up to the mail to members sent on 19 Sept please note as follows:

The movie  “Recce” will be launched next week, with pre-screenings this week already.

Screenings are on 20 September, at 20:00,  at the following Ster Kinekor cinemas: Brooklyn (Pta), Rosebank Nouveau (Jhb), Somerset West (Cape) & Tygervalley (Cape).

Please remember this is a movie.  It’s not the real thing!  SASFA & Recce Incorporated have already received a royalty on it, and will continue to receive royalties into the future – just for the use of the name “Recce”.

Please note that the movie has not been endorsed by SASFA as to be true and correct. On the contrary, we know that it is not tactically and technically correct. This is to not compromise on the current tactics and operational procedure of Special Forces.

So enjoy it!  Do not be too critical – the civvies will think it is great!   Do not fall into the trap of trying to make this a documentary.


Div Lamprecht

The Recces - We Fear Naught but God