Advanced Training


During the career of a Special Force soldier he will operate in a wide variety of conditions. This will include deployment by air, sabre and/or submarine. This may include having to ambush convoys that have armoured cars and tanks. You may have to find a high net worth individual or rescue hostages. It may be a solitary sniper’s role in urban sprawl. There is no limit to the possibilities.

To be able to meet these needs the Special Forces Operator will do training for his entire career. Of this some 60% will be re-training of base skills. Additional skills will be acquired by doing advanced training on desired skills. It is normal for a soldier to end up doing the following advanced training:

81mm Mortar Course
Advanced Demolitions
Free Fall and HALO
Instructor Courses
Advanced Medical
Heavy Weapons
Enemy Weapons
Combat Shooting

Advanced Urban

This process is done to ensure the soldier is ready for the call. We deploy by day or night, in any direction, by land air or sea. This is what being Special is all about.



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