This Wall of Shame is used to identify individuals, organisations and any other entities that act in conflict with stated laws and policies pertaining to the SA Special Forces, particularly with regards the operator's insignia.

These entities are exposed in this manner to ensure an awareness of their false claims and illegal actions


  • Claiming to be a SA Special Forces operator, either directly of by implication to create the impression that he was a qualified Special Forces operator
  • Illegally using Special Forces operator's insignia to attempt financial gain for themselves. In most cases these individuals are fully aware that they are trading the items illegally and many of them create fake copies of such insignia which is again illegally sold for profit
  • Individuals falsely claiming to be SA Special Forces operators are referenced on our Wall of Shame


  • Some organisations claim to have "worked with" or "trained" the SA Special Forces in order to gain acclaim or convince prospective clients to deal with them in view of the "facts" or slightly altered versions of reality
  • Some organisations proudly program that a director or staff member was a Special Forces operator, again to gain acclaim or enhance their profile. Some do it on purpose and some simply does not check if the claim to such status by the individual is in fact true
  • Organisations that knowingly do trade in Special Forces operator insignia in order to gain financially from it
  • These organisations are referenced on our Organisational Wall of Shame