Special Forces Training


'Battles are won in the Hearts and Minds of men'


The South African Special Forces Pre-selection, Selection and Training Cycle is the longest, most detailed, thorough and most arduous of any amongst Special Forces internationally.


In the South African context all Special Forces units with their varying specialities have always fallen under one command  - that of the General Officer Commanding Special Forces – who in turn reports directly to the Chief of the Defence Force.


The South African Special Forces have always ensured that their Operators are fully trained and experienced in all possible Special Forces applications and operations in all environments, so as to enable the various Special Forces units to co-operate efficiently or operate at short notice in any location or environment, under any conditions.

Special Forces Operations

In thy faint slumbers I by thee have watch'd

And heard thee murmer tales of Iron Wars....

- Shakespeare, Henry IV


The South African Special Forces have amongst their ranks the most combat-experienced Operators in the world. They have conducted combat operations in virtually all terrain types – desert, stone desert, mountains, bush, forest, jungle, swamp, ocean, rivers, urban and more.

They have deployed by land, sea and air – in every possible application of these deployments. During the Cold War conflicts, they have walked for distances of over 1000 kilometres behind enemy lines, infiltrated, and remained in concealment, right inside enemy camps, for days without being detected.

They have conducted offensive operations to attack fixed positions of enemy soldiers – while being outnumbered 50 to 100 to one. Using other means of deployment, they have conducted reconnaissance or raids on enemy positions more than 2000 kilometres behind the enemy's lines.