Teddy the Lion

Teddy was born in a zoo in South West Africa and had a sister named Lisa. The owner could not accommodate more lions and he had to either destroy them or find them a new home. A local safari company took them but the boisterous cubs became a problem and their fate hung in the balance. The Recces heard about them and offered to release them in the Caprivi, near Fort Doppies where the SA Special Forces had a base. The lions befriended them and became "living in" members at the base. Although they were always free to roam they always came back to enjoy the company of the soldiers. During their wandering missions into the wild, they came into contact with wild lions. On one such occasion Lisa was mauled by a wild male lion and limped back to Doppies with deep bites and scratch wounds. She had to be put down.
The Recces tried to chase Teddy away by using Bushman soldiers to act threateningly towards him, but one day Teddy gave a deep warning growl, sending the Bushmen scattering. He lost his fear of humans but remained suspicious of the Bushmen. He adopted the Recces.

Teddy lived life as he pleased in and around Fort Doppies. He wandered off into the bush whenever he felt like it – sometimes for long periods – but would always be back to welcome the Operators when they arrived in the base prior to or after a deployment or training.


He enjoyed the company of people and would often sit in the pub or the lounge at night while the Operators and Support Personnel chatted amongst each other.

Note: The correct name for the lion is Teddy, and not Terry, as he is often referred to. He was named Teddy by the operator who brought him and his sister, named Lisa, to Fort Doppies when they were two small cubs.

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