In Memoriam - Support Personnel and people who rendered services to the SA Special Forces

Then out spoke brave Horatius,
the Captain of the Gate:

'To every man upon this earth
Death cometh soon or late.
And how can man die better
than facing fearful odds,
For the ashes of his fathers,
and the temples of his gods,

'Hew down the bridge, Sir Consul,
with all the speed ye may;
I, with two more to help me,
will hold the foe in play.
In yon strait path a thousand
may well be held by three.
Now who will stand on either hand
and keep the bridge with me?'

From: Horatius
By: Lord Macauley

KIA - a casualty classification generally used to describe the deaths of own forces by other hostile forces or by friendly fire during combat. The KIA does not come from accidents, such as accidental vehicle crashes, terrorism, or other "non-hostile" means. KIA occur from homicides while in combat and other injuries before reaching a medical treatment facility.

DOW (Died Of [Battle] Wounds): Is different than KIA because the casualty survived to reach a medical treatment facility.
Military historians use this term

 Antonio A   
 April JJ   1993
 Bailey G   1984
 Booysen Christoffel   1985
 Brewin Ken   2014
 Britnell (Civillian)
 GC   1986
 Britnell (Civillian) MD

 Brits MCC   1994
 Carlos D   1995
 Cobbolt B
  KIA 1986
 Coetser LC   1982
 Covacha AC   1983
 Da Fonseca Victor   
 Karl   2015
 Dixon Dickie   2017
 Drew Dave MMM  1992
 Engelbrecht Oom Engel SM  1994
 Fernandes Serafim
 Franchi AJ   1993
 Hattingh TM   1984
 Havenga SJ   1986
 Heyns Paul   2002
 Jansen Van Rensburg Wala-Wala   
 Joubert SH   1986
 Kohler GC   1986
 Labuschagne GT   1986
 Ledwaba SJ   1995
 Lennox AC   1982

 Louw Johan
 Luis C   1995
 Mabinda WS   
 Mabunda MW   
 March CA   1984
 Mashile T   1990
 Matjeke RJ   1995
 Mdhuli MS   1998
 Meyer Lood
 SM MMM  2010
 Mkhaliphi JD   1992
 Mngadi RB   1994
 Mpembe MJ   1998
 Muchito E   1991
 Mukwekwe C   1986
 Munguni SJ   1990
 Ndlovu W   1981
 Ndlovu E   1991
 Nkuna S   1990
 Oosthuizen N   2003
 Perry PC   1994
 Prinsloo Marina
 Quintas A   1994
 Ramaila EM   1984
 Reynolds Peter   1987
 Saaiman FT   1992
 Schutte Dan   
 Seyffert Jaap   2001
 Sinclair AL   
 Smith VJ   1986
 Smith Vernon   2014
 Steyn EL   1992
 Strydom Frans   1979
 Thabethe Ernst   2014
 Teitge Mrs C
 Timmerman Timmy   
 Thiel Rudolph   1989
 Uys JRE   1983
 Van Aswegen Deon   
 Van Deventer
 GP   1998
 Van der Linde Michael  KIA 1980
 Van der Weerd JB   1983
 Van Heerden Hekkies   1995
 Van Niekerk BP   
 Van Staden
 Van Zyl FJE   1984
 Viljoen W   1993
 von Benecke DG   1990
 Warnick TA   1986
 Waterhouse GB   1992
 Williams Glynn (Medic)    2014
 Williams HJ   1997
 Woodburn Lambert (Woody) DVR SD SM
 Woodruff Woody   1994
Dates not given were not available at the time of publishing

Updated : October 2017