1 Reconnaissance Regiment / 1 Special Forces Regiment

"Through Stealth Our Strength

Established as 1 Reconnaissance Commando at Oudtshoorn in 1972, this was the first Special Forces unit formally established in South Africa. In 1974, 1 Reconnaissance Commando relocated to Durban.

As the development of the South African Special Forces capability evolved, the compliment of 1 Reconnaissance Commando was divided into three groups - known as Alpha Group, Bravo Group and Charlie Group – each with its own speciality.

During 1977, the Reconnaissance Commando School was also established as a part of 1 Reconnaissance Commando.

In 1981, 1 Reconnaissance Commando was redesignated as 1 Reconnaissance Regiment, and the complement of the Regiment were divided into two commandos:-

1.1. Commando – the Operational Commando (Motto: “The Night Belongs To 1.1.”)
1.2. Commando – the Training Wing Commando.

Operators from 1.2. Commando also performed operational functions with 1.1. Commando as and when required.

During the period of rationalisation, reorganisation and integration, from 1992 to 1995, 1 Reconnaissance Regiment was firstly renamed 452 Parachute Battalion, before being finally redesignated as 1 Special Forces Regiment.

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