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Video message from the previous Chairman of the SA Special Forces Association (2014)
Callie Roos message

Interview with Callie Roos, previous Chairman of the SA Special Forces Association (2016), on a South African TV morning actually program, Dagbreek on Kyknet. The interview is in Afrikaans and is about the SA Special Forces in it's current form, it's purpose, the veterans and wannabes.

Feature Films

This film was released in South Africa during August 2016 and was produced by a retired SA Special Forces operator together with the writer/director and their production team.

The film is set in 2003 and 19-year-old Dap Smit (Edwin van der Walt) is constantly fighting with his father, Dawid (Stian Bam), a veteran of the Border War. The men don’t see eye to eye on anything, and there seems to be no hope for reconciliation between them. Dawid’s wife, Karina (Erica Wessels) is caught in the middle of their epic battle.

Then Dap has a series of dreams in which he is a combat soldier in the Border War in the 1980s. There he meets his father at the same age, and those dreams turn young Dap’s perception – and life – completely upside down. There’s no going back. But what is the way forward?

“The war has been used as a creative device to drive the story of the father and son towards a conclusion. We purposely do not take a moral standpoint on the conflict itself. This is not a Border War movie – it is a relationship drama, which is at the core of virtually every successful movie. And My Father’s War centres on the broken relationship between a father and his son.”

My Father's War web site

Military History Channel

The Military History Channel contains many unique military oriented videos - Click here

Some of the Special Forces video's on the Military History Channel are referenced here:

Special Forces Animal - Soldiers often do long-range reconnaissance work which requires them to deploy behind enemy lines and deep into enemy territory. To do reconnaissance of enemy activities is extremely dangerous as a single soldier or small group of operatives are unable to fight against large groups of conventional forces. Their success depends on being able to move around undetected. In order to do so, Special Forces operators have adapted many of their techniques from animals in the wild.

Special Forces Animal

The Special Forces Operator - A video made around a tribute called  "The Special Forces Operator", written by a retired South African Special Forces Operator

The Special Forces Operator

Operation Kropduif : The attack on Eheke - Six months earlier, during Operation Bucksaw, it had been determined that there was a major SWAPO base some six kilometres north-west of Chana Golf. Aerial reconnaissance photographs of the base had been taken, and documents captured at Tofima during Seiljag 3 referred to a SWAPO regimental headquarters at Ohaipete, or Eheke. Interrogation of prisoners had confirmed that this was the main SWAPO base, which was given the SADF code-name Target 21.

Operation Kropduif (pouter pigeon) would take place in two phases, with attacks on Chana Tofima and Chana Nutalala before 24 October, to be followed by a combined 32 Battalion and Special Forces assault on Eheke. On 21 October, 12 rifle platoons and an 81-mm mortar group were transported from Omauni to Chana Nunda, between beacons 27 and 28. A tactical headquarters was set up at Elundu under command of Commandant Gert Nel, OC 32 Battalion, and Commandant J Kriel of the SAAF, who would be in charge of the helicopters used during the operation.

The attack on Eheke

SA Special Forces video's

Video clip of a short speech by Genl Fritz Loots - one of the founder members of the SA Special Forces
This clip illustrates his attitude towards life - well suited for a Special Forces Soldier!
Genl Fritz Loots speech

Video message about Bogus Operators and Wannabe's

SA Special Forces recruiting video - (forthcoming)


Several music CD were created that contained Special Forces songs.

Lourens Fourie stands out as he was a member of Special Forces and he entertained scores of men for many a night with his guitar at Fort Rev.
His first CD was called "The Recces"

Lourens converted a few of his songs to video and posted it on Youtube. Some of them are referenced here.

Kindly note that these songs/video's are referenced here solely due to the fact that they were sung by Lourens Fourie.
Not all the songs were produced during the time that he was an active member of the SA Special Forces.

Acknowledgement - Lourens Fourie


Dog of War
Lourens Fourie - military activities in Angola

Dogs of War

Oshakati, Vamboland
Afrikaans song by Lourens

Oshakati, Vamboland

Was jy al op Cabo Ledo?
Lourens Fourie - Angolan war
Many operators and Lourens himself (with guitar) appear in this video.

Was jy al op Cabo Ledo?

The Recce Song
Lourens Fourie - English song about Special Forces operators

YouTube Video

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