Music and Audio about Special Forces

Over the years a lot of music has been composed about Special Forces around the globe.

We pay specific tribute to Lourens Fourie, one of our own members, who created several CD's that captured songs by and songs about the SA Special Forces.

See the last three entries on our Media-Video page, "Dog of War", "Oshakati Vamboland" and "Was jy al op Cabo Ledo" for some examples of his music.


Radio Jacaranda FM interview with Callie Roos and Pierre Lundberg - November 2016

After recent news reports that branded someone, that killed three people in Pretoria, as suddenly being a "Recce", without checking the facts, the management of SASFA contacted the various media entities in order to set the record straight.

The link below plays an interview on Radio Jacaranda on Tuesday morning, 01 November 2016, where Pierre Lundberg, Chairman of SASFA and Callie Roos, Chairman of Recce Incorporated, were interviewed by Rian on The Complimentary Breakfast.

Link to the Youtube adapted version of the interview (with pictures):

SASFA Jacaranda FM Interview

Pierre Lundberg Interview on Koepel Stereo - November 2015

The link below refers to a radio interview with Pierre Lundberg, a retired Special Forces Operator on his experiences, SF selection and operations.

The interview is in Afrikaans. It was done in November 2015 on the regional radio station Koepel Stereo, in South Africa.
It is a lengthy interview, in total just over two hours.

Pierre Lundberg interview

(Pierre Lundberg has since become the Chairman of SASFA, September 2016)