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One-year military service (first year MSD)
Proficient in reading, writing and speaking English
Successful completion of the Special Forces Entry Tests and Operationally Deployable


40 push-ups without breaking rhythm
67 sit-ups within two minutes
175-metre fireman’s-lift run within 65 seconds
5-kilometre run within 24 minutes
40 six-metre shuttle-runs within 95 seconds
Water training test
Psychometric test, achieve an above-average score
Personal interview

Do note that all actions on a selection course follow a course syllabus and are strictly monitored by instructors who evaluate students against a desired standard. It is not easy by any stretch of the imagination and students are continuously tested on various levels whilst the selection is progress. This includes physical to the extreme, mental, psychological, personality tests, tasks under duress and many more. A team of instructors, medical personnel, psychologists and evaluation personnel accompany the group and they are checked at predetermined points.

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The hopefuls start of on a grueling march with full kit - and a few additions await...

PT sessions on the sand, being "interrogated", the equipment fighting back, more "interrogations"

Heavy drum and poles dragging you down, painful and lonely view, struggling with the poles, and the iron cross

Grueling marches, fighting the drum and other equipment designed to tire, frustrate and test candidates

The Octopus

The task does not change, the challenge remains, the test continues, another PT session

(Photo sequence courtesy of Douw Steyn)

Selection in the Caprivi

Whilst selection courses were usually conducted in the Duku-Duku area of Kwa-Zulu Natal, it was on occasion moved
to a different venue, depending on logistical and other requirements. The photo sequence below depicts a course that
was held in the Caprivi.

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PT in an Omaramba,3 man drum 25km, Memory test, Obstacle course

Test for claustrophobia, getting your food, home made obstacle course, pole in rain 25km

Cart and drum for 30km, Feet taking a punch, Exhaustion, You made it!

(Photo sequence courtesy of Douw Steyn)

The ones who made it

Images are copyright of the respective owners and the SA Special Forces Association and may not be re-used for other purposes.

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