Honoris Crux Decoration 

This decoration is awarded for performing deeds of bravery while in danger of life.

The decoration may be awarded to members of the Defence Force who have distinguished themselves
by performing deeds of bravery against an armed enemy, while in danger of life.

A bar may be awarded for a successive similar achievement.

The recipient is also entitled to the post-nominal title : HC

The following Special Forces Operators were awarded the Honoris Crux Decoration

 Beukman  Anton SSgt
 HC  HC 870825
 Burt  Richard  Sgt  HC  
 Callow  Tim Capt
 HC  HC 850101
 Christie  Gavin  Sgt  HC  
 Conradie  Kenaas  WO2  HC
 De Wet  Koos Sgt
 Diedericks  Andre Cpl
 HC  HC 751202
 Dobe  Paul Sgt
 Fourie  Dawid  Lt  HC  HC 780906
 Fourie  Frans  Lt  HC  HC 810101
 Fourie  Sam  Sgt  HC  HC 810101
 Greef  Jack  SSgt  HC PMM MMM
 Greyling *
 Callie  Sgt  HC  
 Herbst  Phil  Sgt  HC  
 Heydenrych  Gerrie  SSgt  HC
 Johnston  Andrew  WO2  HC
 Klopper  Louis  Sgt  HC  
 Kloppers  Jaap Cpl
 Liebenberg  Henk Sgt
 Manuel  Adriano  Sgt  HC  
 Matias  Neves  Sgt  HC PMM
 Oettlé  Johan Sgt
 Paulo *
 Danny SSgt HC 
 Potgieter  Cobus  Lt  HC
 Queroz  Amilco SSgt
 Smith  Michael  Sgt  HC  
 Stadler Koos Capt HC MMM
 Sterzel **
 Stuart Sgt
 Steyn **
 Douw 2Lt
 Terblanche  Roes Sgt
 Van der Merwe
 Van Niekerk
 Van Wyk  Connie  Lt  HC
 Vermaak  Justin SSgt
 Viljoen  Marius  Sgt  HC  
 Wessels  Les  Sgt  HC  
 Wilke  Fred  Maj  HC MMM
 HC 870825
* Awarded posthumously
** Awarded when not in Special Forces

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