Operator's Creed

Official version as it is used by the SA Special Forces at suitable events

As the compass rose depicts,

I am willing and prepared to be deployed

in any direction,

anywhere in the world,

under any circumstances, day or night.

Even if I am called upon to perform tasks in isolation

or in extreme conditions,

I am willing to pay the ultimate price,

will conquer my fears,

and will succeed

with the guidance of my compass – the Word of God.

My word is my honour,

my duty to serve,

and my pride is the laurel dagger.

I will not bring shame upon myself

or those with whom I serve.

I will not fail Special Forces,

nor my comrades.

My ultimate goal is to succeed in every mission

And then to strive to succeed again.

The Operator's Prayer

Below is the official prayer of the operators of the South African Special Forces:

Heavenly Father,
King of the world,
I know that all things
are in Your hands,
whatever happens to me.

As a Special Forces Operator,
I am prepared to suffer hardship.
I am ready to endure danger,
unrest, pain and hurt.
I am going to be hungry and thirsty.
I am prepared to face the enemy
fearlessly, Lord.
I am weak.
I cannot depend
upon my own strength;
I do not want to trust
in my own abilities.

Lord, my God,
let me trust in You alone.
And, above all,
to do my work fearlessly
- always.