Recce Bash - 3 September 2016

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Detail info for the day:

Come hang out with us!

Join us for the Recce Bash to be held at Weiveld at Bronberg Estate, c/o Graham and Boschkop Road, Zwavelpoort which is situated east of Pretoria out on Lynnwood Road.

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Recce Bash Day Programme:

08:00 - 10:00 SASFA internal events
10:00 - Gates open, all arrive and "kuier", exhibition opens
10:15 - Recce Challenge - heat starts
11:00 - SAPS Special Task Force Parachute Jump
11:30 - Official opening and ceremony : Welcome, SASFA merit medal, honorary membership, Launch Recce Incorporated (projects and programs), Launch Fort Recce, Launch Specialist Cooking, Handover trophy / token 40 years 5 Recce, announce items for auction purposes, announcement of new leadership SASFA etc, etc.
12:00 - 14:00 Lunch / Auction
14:00 - Guest artist Ruhan du Toit -Touch of Class
15:00 - Special Forces Dynamic Demonstration
16:00 - Recce Challenge Finals
16:30 - Guest artist Theuns Jordaan
17:30 - Leave the premises for the organizers to prepare for the late second show with Theuns Jordaan
19:00 onwards - doors open to second show with Theuns Jordaan around 21:00 : Only for paid guests from the day event, no secure seating

Tickets will be available at the gate.

  • Sponsored table booking for R5000 - This will secure your table of ten chairs for friends or family. With it will come recognition and marketing.
  • This will include the skaap-braai and also entry to the very late second show of Theuns Jordaan around 21:00 in Weiveld*.

  • Individual booking of R300pp. This will also include the skaap-braai and the late second Theuns Jordaan show*.
  • You will however not have a secure table seat during the day as there are only 500 table seats available.

  • Day visitors will pay R50 with no skaap-braai and no late show with Theuns Jordaan.
  • No formal seating is available

  • Table bookings may be made at

    The Recce Challenge!

    Expect to be a little wet, a little dirty, a little grazed with a touch of blue and have another war story for your mates.

    So bring your mind and body, leaving your crossfit, your designer jeans, your manbag and your big girl panties at home and come have a taste, of a man's world...

    Entry fee is R200. This payable at the event or electronically.

    Five heats with ten participants per heat. This is on a first come first serve basis! Make sure you enter EARLY!

    The six best times will qualify for the final.

    You get issued with an overall for the event, bring your running shoes and stuff to clean yourself afterwards!

    Only the winner receives the floating trophy, kept by SASFA and a Recce Bash Challenge - 2016 Winner cap and a knife made especially for the event, worth R3500.

    The other five finalists will receive a Recce Bash Challenge - 2016 Finalist cap

    More Information...

    1.          Activities.  The event will consist of actual activities that prospective candidates will experience during their Operator training programme. The activities will test the following attributes:

    a.          The ability to follow instructions.

    b.          Strength, using equipment that will feature permanently in all phases of training.

    c.          Speed and agility, using an activity from the Urban training phase.

    d.          The ability to concentrate under pressure and out of your comfort zone using an adaption of a test found during the water phase of training.

    e.          Basic shooting ability with paintball weapons.

    f.           Memory test using one of the many such exercises that a candidate will encounter during his training.

    g.          The ability to do an activity correctly the first time, minimising the time required to complete the activity.

    2.          Dress.  The following clothing is advisable:

    a.          Trousers.  Cargo pants or loose fitting denim pants.

    b.          Shoes.  Tekkies or light boots.

    c.          Shirt.  T-shirt will suffice.

    d.          Head gear.  Own choice.

    3.          Five heats will take place from which the six fastest candidates will partake in the final challenge.

    See the entry form at the bottom of this page.

    It is in fillable PDF format to enable effortless entry!

    Alternatively, download and print the form, fill it in, scan and email.

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