Recce MTB Mission 2017

This event has been completed. The information on this page is for reference purposes only.

Are you tough enough for a Recce mission on a MTB…? Why not do it the way a Recce would have done it?

Warning Order! Your call-up instructions and mission orders are being prepared!

Mission information...

What is the Recce MTB Mission?

        The Recce MTB Mission is a MTB endurance event designed and presented by former Recces. Riders have 22 hrs to complete a grueling 220 km MTB route with almost 4,000 m of vertical ascent.

        The event starts at 10h00 on 11 March 2017 in the Dullstroom Highlands area of the Mpumalanga Province. The 1st riders are not expected to finish before ~20h00. 2017 will experience a full moon event, but in subsequent years riders will have to deal with a half and/or dark moon.

        The Recce MTB Mission will have a strong Recce flavour, e.g. ex-Recces involvement, equipment, apparel, food, etc.

        The maximum number of riders is limited to the number of qualified Operators in the history of the South African Special Forces, i.e. just more than 1,000.


The Recce MTB Mission takes place in Mpumalanga, a very hostile country with hardly a flat section and less than 2.5 hrs’ drive from Gauteng. The mission starts and ends at the High Landsgate Recce Base on the edge of the Eastern escarpment.

The Route and Profile

Route composition

Teams and entry fees

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        The format provides for a 3-in-1 event, i.e.

-        Recce MTB Mission - Riders (solo or teams) must complete the entire route

-        Jammies Relay Team - ‘Jammies’ (the term used for Recce support personnel) will complete the entire route of the Recce MTB Mission in a relay team format, each member doing a leg

-        Jammie Solo - A solo rider that will complete only a part of the Recce MTB Mission route.

        To complete the Recce MTB Mission riders need to –

-        Complete the physically and mentally tough Recce MTB Mission within the allowable time

-        Pass through checkpoints (called CPs)

-        Pass strategic targets along the route

-        Riders who do not make any of the two time cut-offs have failed the mission and will be extracted or Returned-to-Unit (RTU). Riders that completed at least one leg of the mission will receive ‘Jammie’ medals.

        Riders can participate in the Recce MTB Mission as a ‘Heavy’ (solo), a ‘Small Team’ (2 riders) or as an ‘Assault Team’ (3 or 4 riders).

        ‘Jammies’ Solo riders have the option to participate in the Recce MTB Mission by completing at least one leg of the route.

        ‘Jammies’ Relay Team (consisting of 3 riders) have the option to participate in the Recce MTB Mission with each rider completing at least one leg of the route.

Optional extras include:

        Fort MTB Accommodation Package

-        Exclusive military style accommodation package (CONTROLLED ACCESS AREA)

-        Limited to 100 riders and/or supporters only (Sergeant Jane & Sisters welcome!)

-        Shared 5m x 10m military canvas tents with stretchers on Friday & Saturday night

-        Communal ablutions (Men & Ladies separate)

-        Dinner on Friday

-        Exclusive access to Recce Pub on Friday evening for sharing real Recce war stories with some legends

-        Breakfast on Saturday & Sunday

Price: R1,050 per rider or supporter (fcfs)

        Recce’ branded apparel for sale at Recce Base (clothing, i.e. jackets, shirts, hats & belts, knives & military books, etc.)

This is a CSA sanctioned event and we need to comply with their age group guidelines and regulations. For the Recce MTB Mission (200+ kms) this requires that entrants turn 19 years of age in 2017. The same applies to the Jammie Solo event (80 km); however, the 2nd leg of the Jammie Relay is sub-60 km and entrants in the age group 15-18 years can do that specific leg as part of a relay team.

Now you may dress the part to fit in with all that elevation training!

The cycling shirts for the Recce MTB Mission are now available to be ordered!

The Recce MTB Mission cycle shirt is exclusively for those who entered the grueling main event to do 220km in 22 hours with 4000m elevation.

The Recce Allegiance cycle shirt is available to all cyclists.

Updated: 14 March 2017