Fort Recce

(March 2016 - New designs and images with photo rendering loaded)

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Fort Recce is a new development under the auspices of the SA Special Forces Heritage Foundation (SASFHF).
The SASFHF is a non-profit entity that ensures the safekeeping, care and development of assets belonging to the SASFA.

A property spanning 8.6 hectares east of Pretoria, the capital city of South Africa, has been acquired for use by the SASFHF.

The property is being fenced and roads and a dam are in the process of construction.

The project will consist of two sections, a non-profit and a profit section.

Non-profit section
  • Museum (with restaurant and coffee shop)
  • Chapel
  • Bashas - chalets for accommodation / camping
Profit section
  • Allows for investments to generate funds for the non-profit section
  • Venue for marriages
  • Office block
  • Other planned developments

Key to layout

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Fort Recce layout

Fort Recce coffee shop design

Fort Recce Amphitheater and Memorial planned design

Fort Recce view from coffee shop and museum location

Artist's image of planned Bar and Braai area

Corporate Park area

Chapel and Accommodation

Entrance to Fort Recce

Kindly note that these images reflect current planning and are not the finally approved implementations that are under review by an
appointed architect and the relevant authorities