Forts and Bases

Every Special Forces base outside the main Regimental bases is referred to as a “Fort” after a longstanding South African Special Forces tradition.

Even a spot of open bush can be called a Fort if Special Forces personnel will be staying in that particular location for any length of time.

The operational forts were:

The training forts were:

Current forts in use by the SA Special Forces Association:

  • Fort Zwartkop - Pretoria
  • Fort Hunter - Johannesburg
  • Fort KwaZulu - Durban
  • Fort Good Hope - Cape Town
  • Fort Phantom - International

New fort under construction in Pretoria East

Forts & BasesFort Scorpio Fort DoppiesFort Foot Fort Rev Duku Duku Base  Hellsgate Base Fort Recce

Updated 2015.12.20