Nkwe ya Boronse (Bronze Leopard)

This decoration is awarded for acts of bravery during military operations.

The decoration was instituted on 27 April 2003 and may be awarded to members of the SA National Defence Force
who have distinguished themselves by performing acts of bravery during military operations or for
showing exceptional leadership in combat.
A bar may be awarded for successive acts of valor by the same person, meeting the stated criteria.

The Nkwe ya Boronse replaced the Honoris Crux decoration.

The recipient is also entitled to the post-nominal title : NB

The following serving Special Forces members were awarded the Nkwe ya Boronse.

 Rabilwana  MW  WO2
 Vuma  PB  Capt  NB  NB010
 Nkosi BASSgt
 NB NB011
 Mokoena SSSgt NB NB031

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