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The South African Special Forces Association appreciates any comments and input on our site.
We also endeavour to assist any persons or organisations who wish to find out more
about the Special Forces Association, or the Special Forces Community in South Africa.
In order to contact us, please make use of one of the following contact points as below -
  • For enquiries from research organisations
  • For enquiries from the media
  • For comments on our site
  • For technical or other problems which you may experience with the site, or when using the site
  • For enquiries relating to the Special Forces League
  • For reporting a bogus Special Forces Operator
    • When sending a message to report a possible bogus Operator, please include the full names of the person whom you are reporting, his contact details if possible, and a description of the claim/s made, to whom they were made, and where they were made. If possible please include your own name and contact details too. All such communications will be dealt with in strict confidentiality, and the name and details of persons making such reports will be kept strictly confidential at all times. In addition, obtain as much proof of his claims as possible, a copy of his CV, print screens of his Facebook page or social network profile where the claims are made, copies of e-mail messages, etc.
  • For enquiries relating to persons who claim to have been Special Forces Operators
    • Due to security issues, persons sending enquiries on this matter must include their full names, contact telephone, e-mail details, addresses, whether they are enquiring in their personal capacities or as a representative of an organisation - if an organisation the full name and details of the organisation - and the reason for making the enquiry. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in no answer being received.
  • For enquiries that are not catered for in the above categories
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    People interested in joining the SA Special Forces, need to view their web site here :

    and may contact them on the telephone numbers stated below, taken from their web site.
    Application forms and more information may be found on our recruitment page here : Recruitment

    Office Hours (SA Special Forces HQ)

    Mondays to Fridays - 08:00 to 16:00.
    Offices will be closed during weekends and Public Holidays.

    Head Office (Pretoria)
    Telephone & Fax numbers:
    Department of Defence
    SA Special Forces
    Private Bag X888
    Private Bag X281
    TEL (012) 674 5827
    TEL (012) 674 5520
    FAX (012) 674 5521


    Regional Offices

    Pretoria - Special Forces School
    Langebaan - 4 Special Forces Regiment
    Phalaborwa - 5 Special Forces Regiment

    TEL (012) 529 1701
    TEL (022) 707 4999
    TEL (015) 780 4623