Bogus Special Forces Operator
Bogus Operators, or "wannabes" are the greatest source of disinformation, misinformation and skewed perceptions of Special Forces.
They regale all who will listen, (and even those who really don't want to listen), with their imaginary and exotic "stories" in their sad attempts to posture, pose, garner attention or sympathy, or impress people, (who we are sure are not impressed anyway).
This is an international phenomenon in countries that have Top Echelon Special Forces. According to the US Navy SEALs site on their wannabe problem, individuals who go very far in the attempted bolstering of their false claims actually suffer from psychological condition known as "pseudologia fantastica", and are virtually unable to differentiate between their imaginary war / Operator stories and reality. Far more commonly, such persons merely suffer from low self-esteem, or consciously prey on the inherent good nature of most people, when seeking to hoodwink them into providing the wannabe with attention, sympathy, employment or the satisfaction of some other selfish desire.