The Special Forces Operator

I am a Special Forces Operator
I will go where others fear to go
I will do what others cannot do
I will face the impossible, and triumph

I seek neither fame not glory

I seek neither medals nor praise
I seek only the acknowledgement of my Brother Operators
For they alone can judge me
And to be counted amongst them is my greatest Honour

I will never dishonour my Brothers
Or the name of Special Forces
I will never turn away from any challenge
I will face anything, and succeed
Nothing will stop me, save Death
And even this will be temporary
For my memory will spur my Brothers on

I will, at all times
Uphold the principles that guide us
Duty, Honour and Loyalty
The highest code of Morals, Principles and Ethics
I will never abandon my post
Or turn from my duty
No matter the consequences

I will always remember my Brothers
Who have made the Supreme Sacrifice
They will be with me at all times
In my thoughts and prayers
Their Deeds will not go unrecorded
And their Songs will not go unsung
Their memory will inspire me

I know that wherever I am
Whatever the situation
I am always in my Brothers’ thoughts and prayers
And if ever my need is near me
I know that my Brother Operators will always come to my aid
Swiftly, regardless of danger or risk
To stand by my side and help me
And knowing this gives me strength
To face anything, anywhere, at any time
With Courage and Determination

For I am proud to say
That I stand, counted amongst those few
Those brave and elite few
Silent and unseen, but ever-present
Those who can truly say
We fear naught but God

For I am a Special Forces Operator

'The Special Forces Operator' is copyrighted by the South African Special Forces League. However, the League would like to state that we will not enforce this copyright in respect of any formal Special Forces units or Special Forces Veterans Organisations internationally. In the spirit of the International Brotherhood amongst Special Forces Operators, we feel that this verse applies to any of our Brother Operators, anywhere in the world, and should you wish to use or display this verse, we would be proud and happy for you to do so. The only proviso for such usage would be for you to contact and inform the League of your request and receive our written consent. You would also be required to credit the author by name (which we will provide you with) when displaying 'The Special Forces Operator', and list that he was a South African Special Forces Operator